Rian Jessup Part 3

“Ah. Well. I should’ve waited for that slice of pizza,” Rian said, trying to will her knees to quit trembling.

“I did try to warn you,” Greg said watching her carefully to make sure she didn’t fall. “Now would you like to answer or do you want that slice of pie?”

“I’d like that pie now,” she said. To her dismay her voice was beginning to shake. This day was turning into a disaster. The flight had been awful, she was just hours from New York and her mother, and now she was nearing a breakdown in front of her potential new boss. For the first time since she deplaned, she wished she’d taken her aunt’s advice and stayed in Denver.

“C’mon. It won’t be authentic but it’s as close to New York pie as you can get.” Dasher offered her his arm and to his surprise she took it. “I didn’t want to dump that on you all at once,” he said as he helped her into the car.

“I know. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have pushed. I’m the idiot here. My family loves to keep secrets and play the guessing game. I really don’t like things being withheld and I don’t like being taunted.”

“That could make you a huge asset or a huge detriment. Probably an asset to my team if you can push the right buttons to get information for the profile.”

“Oh I can push buttons. You saw me do it just now. But can I do it to get information for a case? I don’t know. I’ve never done it. So I don’t know if I’d be a good fit for the team.”

“Well I and a couple of others think otherwise. You showed great promise in Denver but even your commander thought you were going to be wasted there. You’re just too good for city cop. You’ve got too much talent. At least think about it while we eat pizza.”

“Fine, I will consider it while we eat,” Rian said before lapsing into silence. Greg tried to start other mundane conversations but Rian refused to answer with more than one word. Finally, the car stopped. Rian looked up and gasped when she saw the name. “How dare you not call this authentic New York Pie? Antonio’s Pizzeria is the authentic slice of New York pie. Have you ever been to the Bronx?”

“Once. And I don’t think I had an appetite for pizza afterwards.” Greg said watching her. The sudden change in attitude had him wondering if maybe he was insane for considering her for the BAU. “Are you ok?”

“I’m better than okay. I’m no longer riding with my sexist jerk of a partner and there is real pizza here, not the imitation stuff I had to settle for in Denver. I like DC already.”

“You ever been to DC?” Greg asked, raising an eyebrow. ‘Yup, I’m insane. They’ll yank me out of the BAU for sure this time.’  “It’s not exactly the most idyllic city.”

“Like NYC is? Besides, this is as close to my family as I want to get right now,” she said without thinking. Before Greg could ask his next question, she was out of the car and heading for the door.

“Great. McCall is going to yank me outta the BAU for sure once he gets a load of her. What did Ambrose send me?” He took a deep breath and then got out of the car. He had to jog to catch up with her. “You move pretty quick.”

“Maybe you’re just slow,” she countered as the were led to a table. “Sorry about the silence in the car. I was mulling over your job offer.”

“If you do accept the offer, please do me a favor and don’t go from zero to one hundred in front of my boss. He already thinks I’m nuts for offering you this.”

“He doesn’t put much faith in you does he?” Rian asked as she opened the menu.

“Not really, no. It has to do with my age,” he said, debating whether or not to tell her exactly why.

“You make a decision that wasn’t the smartest but ultimately worked in everyone’s favor?” she asked, barely looking up from the menu.

“That’s part of it. Just how did you infer that?”

“Your face told me you were debating telling me something. We had been talking about your boss, which when you first mentioned him, your nose wrinkled and your eyes flashed annoyance and worry. You made mention that his little faith in you has to do with your age which leaves two options. One, you’re simply too young, which probably is the other factor in why he doesn’t have much faith in you, and two, you did something that upset him, something like a judgment call that he probably told you not to make.”

“Right on every count. But that crapfest is a story for another time. How about you tell me what is going on at the table near the door.”

“A test?”

“If that’s what you want to call it.”

“Fine, it’s a first date going very poorly. Probably met online. She’s keeping her focus on him but every so often,  her eyes flick downward, probably to her phone. What ever they’re talking about, it seems to be solely about him and she is tremendously bored and annoyed with his narcissism. Any minute now, she’ll excuse herself for the bathroom and make her getaway in the Uber she ordered while he was talking about himself. ”

“Not bad. You did forget one thing though.”

“She’s going to slap him shortly after getting up because he’ll make a pass at her.” Greg swore under his breath as the scene unfolded just like she said it would.

“You’re good. You want the job?”

“About as much as I want my pizza,” Rian said as the waiter approached.

“Then both are yours,” Greg said, sticking out his hand. “Welcome to the BAU and the FBI, Rian.”

Rian Jessup Part 2

“So you’re Agent Grady’s boss,” Rian said as she looked the man over. He was at least six five with a pointed nose, piercing green eyes, and light blonde hair, so light that Rian thought it was silver. He was thin, Rian thought he might have been too thin paired with his height. “He did mention that you wanted to speak with me, although he didn’t say why.”

“It’s unusual for Brad to speak with any of the new recruits, ” he said,  tilting his head slightly to look her over. She was a trim five-nine, her brown hair was cut short but the last picture of it showed it much shorter, her blue eyes seemed to hold a bit of mischief, which made him think of a pixie. She was trim, avid runner according to his contact in Denver, and well trained in most forms of self defense. “He prefers not to talk to them until they’ve proven themselves worthy of his notice.”

“Well he did say that he was doing this as a favor for Ambrose.” She moved a strand of hair out of her face and stretched her neck. “I don’t mean to be rude but it was a long flight from Denver to here and I would like to  stow my stuff.”

“I can have one of my assistants take it over for you so you don’t have to lug it around. We could be a while.”

“And what exactly are we doing sir?” Rian asked as an assistant walked in. She dropped the bag as Dasher gestured toward the door.

“We are going to tour the academy and the offices around here and then get a bite to eat. I’d like to offer you a position.”

“And your wife isn’t going to mind you being out with a much younger woman?” Rian asked, staring at his wedding band. Around them, people gasped. Two women behind her were whispering loudly about who she thought she was. Rian glanced over her should and glared at both of them, which shut them up and caused them to leave quickly. “I seem to have broached a touchy subject.”

“Only if you listen  to the office ladies around here. My wife and I are separated and are in the process of getting a divorce. I don’t think she’d have a problem with me being out with a younger woman as she left me for a younger man.”

“And sir, can I ask how old you are?” she asked as they headed out the door.

“I’ll be twenty-nine next month.”

“You seem kinda young to be leading your own BAU team.”

“A lot of people seem to think so. Pardon me for asking, but have we met at anytime?”

“Agent Grady remembered me from a case you worked in Denver. Apparently I was the green patrol officer that was so green, you could still smell the academy on my uniform.”

“Grady is more crass than he needs to be, but now that you say it, I do remember a fresh faced patrol officer guarding the scene.”

“That was me sir. So where do we start?”

“Dorms are over here. I believe Agent Grady said to have me call him when we were done?”

“Yes, that would be correct.”

“Don’t bother. I’ll take you to where you’re staying. Grady will only bitch and moan about it.”

“Sir, just where am I staying?”

“In a special dormitory Ms. Jessup. I’ll explain everything over dinner. Please quit calling me sir. Call me Greg.”

“Fine. Call me Rian. And you better explain what in the hell is going on. I hate being kept in the dark.”

“Have patience little grasshopper, all will be revealed soon.” Out of habit, Rian stuck her tongue out at him. He chuckled as she turned a bright shade of red. “You’re adorable when you blush.”

“I get that a lot. So what’s next?” she asked, shivering slightly in the breeze. She was hoping for someplace indoors. The wind was starting to cut to the bone.

“Dinner. We can finish the tour tomorrow. It’s getting too chilly. Besides depending on what you decide over dinner, I can better tailor your tour to where you’ll spend most of your time.”

“This unspoken proposition is making me very curious. And the talk of dinner is making me very hungry.”

“I suppose so. You probably haven’t eaten since the plane.”

“Before that actually. I had a burger while waiting for my flight.”

“I don’t suppose a New York blueblood like yourself would turn down a slice of Pizza.”

“I won’t turn it down but I will judge it. How’d you know I was a blueblood?’

“I’ll tell you over pizza, after you’ve given your answer to my proposal.”

“Oh, so the proposition is now a proposal. You’re not going to get down on one knee for it are you?’

“If you think it would convince you to accept it.”

“I need to know what it is first.”

“You won’t wait until dinner?” Rian stopped and crossed her arms. Greg glanced over his shoulder and sighed. “Don’t make me say it twice. Most of my superiors are against the idea and would love it if you said no.”

“Say no to what Greg?”

“I want you to join us at the BAU.”







Rian Jessup

The weather in DC was cold, bitter bone chilling cold, as Rian, a fresh faced twenty three year old, stepped off the plane at Dulles International. She couldn’t ever recall Denver, which was nestled in the Rockies, being this cold in the six years she’d been there. As she waited at the baggage claim for her suitcase, a guy in a suit appeared at her shoulder.

“Are you the new recruit from Denver?”

“Are all the FBI welcomes this creepy?” she asked as she spotted her bag.

“What makes you think I’m FBI?”

“What makes you think that I’m your new recruit from Denver?” she countered as she grabbed her bag.

“Dasher is gonna love this one,” the man muttered under his breath. “How about we  start over. “I’m Agent Brad Grady,” he said, showing her his badge and id. “I was asked to escort a Rianna Jessup to Quantico as a special favor to the Agent in Charge of the Denver office.  She sent me a picture.” He held up his phone so she could see. “Aside from the hair being longer, you appear to match the picture.”

You got me Grady. Did Ambrose tell you to call me Rianna?”

“She didn’t say anything about your name.”

“That’s fine. But don’t call me Rianna. It’s Rian or Jessup, ok?” He nodded. “So how far of a drive is it?”

“About twenty minutes, give or take with traffic. Can I carry your bag?”

“I have it Special Agent Grady but thank you. You’re not originally from the East coast are you?”

“What tipped you off? The lack of accent like yours or the manners?”

“Ha ha, you’re funny. The lack of accent like mine just means  you’re not from New York. I also know several people with wonderful manners that are from the coast.  What tips is off is the way you speak. I’m going to say Oregon or California.”

“Arizona actually. Hate this godforsaken cold weather. Car is right over here. Let’s get someplace warm,” he said as he guided her toward the car and opened her door.

“Thank you Grady,” Rian said, smiling. “I’d forgotten just how cold the sea air makes things.”

“I’ve almost forgotten what warm sunshine feels like,” he muttered as he pulled into traffic.

“So why are you still assigned to Quantico or are you with the DC office?”

“Quantico. And it’s because of the unit I’m assigned to. We’re only based out of Quantico.”

“Oh. You must be with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.”

“I am. How did you guess?”

“I didn’t. This whole time I’ve been trying to figure out where I know you from. I remember you from a case the unit worked. Several missing children.”

“Most of returned home in body bags. The asshole is in prison though. That case was two years ago, how do you remember it?”

“I was on the patrol unit that responded to the call of a body in the woods.”

“Right. The rookie so green, you could still smell the academy on you. Why’d you leave Denver?”

“I want to be a little closer to home without actually being home. It’s a long story and really don’t want to talk about it.”

“Trust me, I wasn’t planning on asking. But you may have to explain it to my boss.”

“Why your boss?”

“He’s nosy. Anyway, welcome to Quantico, your new home for the next twenty weeks.”

“Cozy,” Rian remarked as she looked around.

“I’ll take you to your dormitory in a bit. But first, my boss wants to have a word with you.”

“What? Why?”

“He didn’t tell me. I try not to pry into his business. I’ll drop you at his office and pick you up. Just have him buzz me.”

“Of course. Thanks for the ride, Agent Grady,” Rian said with a smile as the car came to a stop.

“No problem. Just doing a friend from the academy a favor,” he said as she got out.  Before she could say anything else, he pulled away from the curb and disappeared. Rian turned and looked up at the building she was in front of. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone approach her.  Instinctively, she reached down to her waist for a handgun that wasn’t there.

“Who are you?” she asked as the man drew closer

“Rian Jessup?” he asked, studying her.

“How do you know my name?”

“I’m Agent Dasher, lead agent for Response Team One with the BAU. Welcome to the FBI Ms. Jessup.”






My Works

I should probably mention all the stuff I’m working on. Thought about doing that in the welcome post but didn’t.

I mentioned I have several half finished works that some day I will finish and then attempt to publish. But in the mean time, heres a list

  1. Shrapnel: this is my very first attempt at a novel. I’ve been at if for five plus years. This is a crime/cop thriller novel.
  2. 350 Years: Not sure how to classify this one. I think i’m going for romance thriller on this one. You’ll see why.
  3. Compromised: a spy thriller.
  4. Lover’s and Crypts: this one is also tough to classify. Some romance, some thriller, some immortality stuff.
  5. I believe I may have just a couple without names. Both are basic fiction right now.

I also do poetry.  Some of it is happy, some is sad, some of it is based on the weather outside. It all depends on what’s around to inspire me.

Anyway, I’ll be starting on the back stories soon. But for now, the day job, and the puppies, need me.

Obligatory Welcome Post

Doesn’t every blog feel like it needs a welcome post? No? Just me? Ok then. I’ll be the odd one out. Welcome to Tiny Pooky’s Back Stories Blog. Yes, back stories. Rather than bore you to bits in my half finished works in progress, I figured out a better way to introduce you to all of my characters, hence the back stories blog. When I finally get around to it, each week, I’ll be posting a part of a character’s back story. It will give all of us a chance to really get to know each character and what happened in their past that led them to where they are when the story starts. I caution you now, not all back stories are going to be happy and not all are going to be for the weak hearted or stomached. Yes, some characters have had some really crappy stuff happy in their pasts.

Also, a heads up. I cuss. Not a lot and I don’t usually drop the f-bomb but it will happen. So if that’s bothersome, Sorry. Not all characters can say gosh darn it.

But with that, I again welcome you to the blog and sincerely hope you like it.